Nursery:  A Welcome to Our World
Ages 0-4 yrs. 

Whether in our congregations or here at The Point, the Nursery is the first introduction to the joy of being a part of a loving and welcoming faith community. Our nursery is a place where the natural spirituality of infants, toddlers and early preschoolers is nurtured and celebrated through a combination of free play time and gently structured activities.  Parents are welcome to visit at any time and are asked to volunteer for at least one morning or afternoon session during the week. 

Building the Land We Seek
Ages 5-7 

As they learn about how our UU Principles are tools for building the land we want to live in together, our early elementary campers will be “building a land,” in miniature, out of recyclables, in their classroom.  The week’s activities will also include stories, games, art activities and daily trips to the Sequoyah State Park Nature Center to meet and learn about some of the animals who share the land with us in the interdependent web. Parents are asked to volunteer for at least one morning or afternoon during the week. 

Ages 8-10, or approximately rising grades 3-5  

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, The Sorting Hat ceremony begins a week of learning the Magical Arts of Potions, Charms, Divination, and Defense Against the Dark Arts, to name a few, all guided by the Transforming Power of Love.  And of course, there is the Transforming Power of Honeydukes, the annual sweet shop fundraiser for Cherokee Head Start. Parents are asked to volunteer at least one morning or afternoon, and additional help may be needed outside of class time.

Jedi Camp
Ages 11-13, or approximately rising grades 6-8

Guided by the Force and the lessons of the heroic Star Wars saga,  young Jedis develop the skills needed to build a land on the foundations of love and justice, and to resist the fear and ignorance of the Dark Side. 

Building a New Way
Ages 14-18, or approximately rising grades 9-12 and this year’s graduates

Through discussion, videos, games, role-plays and other experiential activities, our high school youth will learn constructive ways to connect with others in the service of building a better world, and also learn to recognize some of the obstaclesalong that path. Sessions will be based on the work of Donna Hicks and her book Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict.