Youth Programming


The Good News of Unitarian Universalism is an invitation for everyone to bring more hope, love, justice, courage, and joy into the world! Children and Youth will engage with this theme throughout the week through stories, activities, and media that teach about a Unitarian Universalism which transforms lives and the world. In addition to creative art, games, and fun inside, all classes will have significant time engaging with the natural world through hiking, swimming, playing outside, and visiting the nature center and Tucker Tower to learn about our location, its inhabitants, and its history

Because of the number and type of outings at our new site, we request that adults volunteer for one outing during the week. Additional adults ensure the safety of our campers during our varied outside activities. After you register, if you signal availability to help support the youth program on your registration, you will receive a list of activities which require the assistance of extra adults.

The classes will be sorted according to ages below:

  • Nursery (months - 4 years)
  • Elementary (5 years - 11 years)
  • Middle School (12 years to 14) 
  • High School (15 to 17 or 18 if a rising senior)

Please consult our handbook for complete details on programming. Details are still emerging. Please contact Christine Purcell with programming questions.