What we do

All YAs are encouraged to register for a morning workshop, and the YA Chalice Circle in the afternoon, but it is not required if you'd prefer to find your own path to faith development (or just relax) during the day. YAs can also volunteer to help with childcare and other aspects of the camp if you'd prefer to spend your time helping out! There are many ways to enrich your personal experience at The Point, and enrich the experiences of your fellow campers, young adults, main-campers and children alike by becoming an active participant in our community.

Cost and Housing

Registration for Young Adults is $165 until July 10, and does not include housing or meals (dinners are provided). There are also single day passes at $60 per day. The camp offers affordable housing in the bunkhouse, and it is open to any Point campers.

We understand that the fees for registration and lodging can be difficult to afford for YAs, so we encourage you to seek financial support from your home/supporting congregations. The Point fosters YA faith development and community that can be beneficial to not only you, the young adult, but also the congregation as a whole upon returning. Our UUA Southern Region Staff liaison, Natalie Briscoe, is more than happy to assist any YA that would like to take this route. 

Connect with Us

In addition to registering, you can RSVP to the event on facebook here to stay posted on updates and opportunities, and to stay in contact with the YA@The Point community before and after the week we spend together. 

Have questions? Need help?

Please feel free to email your Young Adult Director, Montana Steele, at montanamsteele@gmail.com with any questions you may have, or if you’d like to be involved with planning one of our YA activities/responsibilities. 

You can also contact our UUA Staff Liaison, Natalie Briscoe, at nbriscoe@uua.org with questions or for help asking your congregation for support.