1. Becoming An Anti-Racist Multicultural Church with Rev. Gerald Davis, Rev. Chuck Freeman, and Yadenee Hailu
  2. Pray Like a UU with Rev. Phillip Douglas
  3. Mostly Mindful Meditation Workshop with Rev. Cathey Edwards
  4. Theme Talk Talk Back with Rev. Deanna Vandiver
  5. Art As A Spiritual Practice with Nina Stein
  6. Singing for Our Lives: Building Bridges Through Song with Common Street Choir
  7. Resist and Persist! with Natalie Briscoe


We're doing something different this year (no surprise there, right?). We're offering small group ministry in the afternoons, in addition to choir and strings practice.

  1. Small Group for People of Color with Rev. Carlton Smith
  2. Small Group for White Allies with Connie Goodbread
  3. Small Group for UU Christians 
  4. General Small Group/Chalice Circle
  5. YA Chalice Circle with Montana Steele
  6. Choir with Rev. Barbara Jarrell
  7. Strings N Things with Nancy Cain

Morning Workshops

Becoming An Anti-Racist Multicultural Church with Rev. Gerald Davis, Rev. Chuck Freeman, & Yadenee Hailu

"We must face the sad fact that at eleven o’clock on Sunday morning... we stand to sing in the most segregated hour of America.”  Rev. King’s incisive words from 1968 remain painfully true today.  In each session we will contemplate readings from Black Liberation theologian James Cone.  We will also practice a fearless assessment of where our congregations and movement are on Joseph Barndt’s continuum on becoming an anti-racist multicultural church.  Rev. Davis and Freeman will share their candid endeavors to move in this direction from their ministries in Austin & Tulsa.  Each participant will walk away with a concrete action plan on taking the next step in their congregational  journey toward wholeness.

Resources: God of the Oppressed, James Cone; Becoming An Anti-Racist Church, Joseph Barndt

Rev. Chuck Freeman has been in the ministry since 1977 serving Church of Christ and Unitarian Universalist congregations. He is the founding minister of the Free Souls Church in Round Rock,Texas.  He is Vice President of the Round Rock Black History Organization and the Co-Organizer of Undoing Racism Round Rock. Chuck is a founding member of the Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry and its Executive Director.

Rev. Gerald L. Davis serves as the minister of Church of the Restoration Unitarian Universalist and as an Affiliate Minister at All Souls Unitarian Church, both in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Rev. Davis also served as a County Director for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, also in Tulsa.  Over the years, Rev. Davis and his ministry have followed the arc of the universe as it bends towards justice.  He delights in living life fully with his wife, Joy, and their two children, Brooks and Olivia.

Yadenee Hailu is currently a Student Minister at All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is in her second year as an MDiv student at Phillips Theological Seminary also in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is in Candidate status with the UUA. Yadenee is passionate about creating the intercultural church from within and building community that is truly compassionate and welcoming to all. Both curious and intentional, she looks forward to sharing and learning in the collaborative work of inclusion and justice.


Pray Like a UU with Rev. Phillip Douglas

Have you ever been asked to pray in public?  What did you say?  We're Unitarians; we don't pray?  Or did you stumble through some pious sounding words, wondering if they meant anything?  

My moment of truth came when I was at a demonstration for a young gay woman.  I was wearing my stole, so I looked like a minister.  And as we gathered on the sidewalk, one of the leaders looked at me and said, "Pastor Phil, won't you lead us in prayer?"  

What will you say, when you are called on?  It's good to have worked it out ahead of time.

Let's talk and practice how it is to pray like we're Unitarian Universalists.


Mostly Mindful Meditation Workshop with Rev. Cathey Edwards

What do driving, fixing dinner, having an argument, trolling social media, working, or sitting in a lotus position all have in common? You can do each more mindfully, especially if you practice while the stakes are low. Meditation is like going to the gym. You “work out” in ideal conditions so you can use the mental and emotional conditioning the rest of your day. Why bother? Because bringing your full attention to your life improves it and your relationships. The mostly mindful part is we aim for progress and not perfection.

Rev. Cathey Edwards, who has had a meditation practice in a Tibetan Buddhist tradition for over fifteen years, folds into her teachings her Unitarian Universalist world view. This class is for newcomers and practiced meditators alike. If you have a meditation cushion or seat, please bring it. Not to worry, if you don’t. Wear comfortable clothes.


Theme Talk Workshop with Rev. Deanna Vandiver

Join Rev. Deanna Vandiver for a discussion of the daily lecture on this year's theme: "We'll Build a Land...Love Will Guide Us."


Art As A Spiritual Practice with Nina Stein

Alcohol Ink is a new medium in the art world. The best AI artists have been painting with it for about 6 years. It has been around for about 10 years, having been developed for crafters as a background for other craft projects. It lends itself to being used for a spiritual practice for a number of reasons. First, while it can be used by fine artists to make beautiful art, one doesn’t have to be a fine artist to create with the medium. Second and most importantly, it teaches some wonderful life lessons. This is what we will be focusing on in this workshop. Come and learn to let go of control and co-create with the inks.

There will be a $35 supply fee for the class. Or purchase the supplies and bring them with you. Contact for supply list.


Singing for Our Lives: Building Bridges Through Song

Singing is a peaceful, nonviolent way to share a message. Singing evokes emotion and promotes unity. That's why historically it has been so effective at protests, marches and rallies. And can be so again. Come and sing with us. Experience a revolutionary street choir. Take it home and start one yourself!


Resist and Persist! 

The Point is Justice. In this post-election climate, Our Unitarian Universalists values of Love, Hope, Justice, Courage, and Joy are so desperately needed in the world. As a people of “Deeds not Creeds,” it is critical that we rise to the challenge of healing this broken world. This workshop will give both spiritual grounding and nuts and bolts information for bringing our values into the world. 

  • Monday: Get Ready for The Work: Spiritual Preparation for Justice work and for service to our hosts, The Nation
  • Tuesday: Legislative Advocacy and Involvement in Government
  • Wednesday:  How to protest effectively and respectfully
  • Thursday: Community Organizing and 501-C organizations

Led by:

Natalie Briscoe: Congregational Life Field Staff for the Southern Region of the UUA

Sean Briscoe: Political Consultant, Lobbyist, and Community Organizer

Montana Steele:Young Adult Program Director