We are happy to announce that we have secured our space at Lake Murray for July 22-27, 2018 for The Point community!


There are many affordable cabins with multiple layouts and ALL of the cabins have kitchens.  A few of the cabins could house more than one family or a small congregation with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. Although the lodge does not currently have as many rooms as Sequoyah, another wing of the lodge will be completed in 2019, so we can grow with Lake Murray into the covenantal community we dream of. 

There is more convenient camping access at Lake Murray for those who desire camping accommodations, with water, electrical, and sewer connections. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary there are privately owned floating cabins nearby. These will not be in our room block! If you are interested in floating cabins you could book these on your own.  


In the beautiful new lodge there are modern meeting rooms with plenty of technology and---dare we say it?---HIGH SPEED INTERNET. Yes, we'll have wi-fi! If you've been to Sequoyah Lodge, you may understand or excitement about wi-fi. The air conditioners are new, quiet, and work very well. The lodge is bright and clean, with a beautiful restaurant right on the lake. We are working on an affordable meal plan for those who are interested. 

There are several ways to play at Lake Murray including a mini-golf course and lake access with a water playground. There is an 18-hole golf course, a nature center, a marina with rental boats, hiking trails, a swim beach, and a swimming pool.

Why move?

For nearly 80 years, the participants of SWUUSI and The Point have come together to practice living in a learning, fun, and covenantal community. Over time, we have moved to different camps in Oklahoma to better accommodate our size and our needs, but we have always kept our center. We have been together at Lake Murray, Lake Texoma, Lake Murray again and most recently, Sequoyah State Park. In every location, we have celebrated our lives and relationships in ways that can’t be counted.  

It is again time for us to make a move. While our numbers have stabilized, we have worried that our numbers are smaller because Sequoyah State Park is 4 hours further than Lake Murray from our largest group of participants. Although we have worked diligently to reach out further into the region and invite folks to join our community, we have not seen a significant gain in our population. We have spent many years trying to find a location to which we could move that brings us back to the center of the population that built SWUUSI and The Point into a thriving community. That work has finally paid off.

We understand that, for some of you, Lake Murray will be familiar and feel like a return, and to others, Lake Murray will be a new location and unfamiliar. The Point is you and me and all of us together; the community we build each year is The Point.

We are aware that this is a change to our community that has been mostly happy and comfortable at Sequoyah State Park for approx. 10 years. Because of the quick change, please rest assured that we will have a special worship service at The Point 2018 to say goodbye to Sequoyah and to re-plant our shallow roots at Lake Murray.  We have also started a closed Facebook page where you can share special memories of all of our past locations and let us know what excites you about the move to Lake Murray. Please join the Facebook Group by clicking on the link now.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further information. The volunteer and Southern Region staff of The Point are excited to welcome you to The Point at our new home at Lake Murray

For questions or comments please contact our UUA Southern Region events coordinator, Kathy Charles.